About ArchionMedia

It All Started In A Chance Meeting In A Dingy San Francisco Office Building...

Hi, I'm Ken Burge and almost seven years ago to the day I was desperately struggling to find a way to create customers for the company I was just brought in to manage. The traditional methods they were using (affiliates, joint venture partners, internal email list) were all drying up fast and if a solution couldn't be found the writing was on the wall...they were going to go the way of the dinosaur.

At perhaps my darkest hour, I was introduced to "Sam" at an industry conference...and let's just say he was really self-confident. That's a nice way of saying he was pretty darn arrogant.

Soon I'd learn why...

In his San Francisco office with only four employees he pulled back the curtain on an operation that was astounding. He was spending over $100,000 per day on advertising...and locking in solid profits every day. How was this possible! His office looked like it was barely fit for occupancy and was so small they had to put the break room on the roof! Yet it was possible...I was seeing it with my own eyes...and Jeremy had somehow cracked the code.

Needless to say I was intrigued and begin my journey into the inner-workings of the world of paid media. Many meetings and many hours of study later and I was launching my first paid media campaigns and creating over one thousand new customers per day for our company. Fast forward seven years and many hard-fought lessons and I found myself with a unique skill set that could help other businesses who were in desperate need of customers. In fact, what I do all boils down to a simple question:

"Wouldn't it be great if you had Customers On Tap?
Just like a faucet, where you could turn it on or off
depending on how many new customers
you wanted on a given day, week or month?"

That's exactly what a good paid media campaign can do. In fact, we do that regularly now for our clients.

After several years of trial and error, and some fortuitous introductions to people you will meet on my team, I was able to unlock the counter-intuitive methods, strategies and ever changing tactics that form the underpinning of successful Customer Creation On Demand. By now, you are probably wondering who we are...

Who We Are...

Thins have certainly changed since my days with 'Sam'. We've grown and matured...and now...we are a seasoned group of marketing professionals who have an eclectic blend of skills.

From Madison Avenue agency experience, to a former Microsoft employee, to our "Secret Weapon"...who has driven over 50M in ad spend over the past 5 years, we are a talented and well oiled machine at this point.

Our diverse skills come together to form a powerful brew...like a team of super heroes joining forces. :) However...when we take off our capes at the end of the day...we are just regular people who love marketing, traffic, business, technology, and most importantly...our clients. But what is the driving force behind us...what motivates us every single day...

We Create Customers...

Those three simple words...We Create Customers...hold within them the core of what we do. In fact, we have adopted that simple phrase as our unifying mission statement. We Create Customers. It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it? You may be wondering if we have any special super powers...well of course we do...

Our Secret Sauce...

People often ask how we achieve the things we do...like 100% impression share in the most competitive Google Adwords categories, or like increasing a customers net profit 5X within 12 months. My answer is always the same: we love the power of data! In fact, we love it so much that we have built our whole business around the philosophy that the person who understands who their best buyers really are...will be the winner. To this end, we have built rather sophisticated data platform that does both audience append, deep analytics into determining your best possible customer attributes, and finally audience expansion. This means that we are continually optimizing the campaigns in a never-ending virtuous cycle of increased performance based on deep analytics and sophisticated programmatic media buying.

Ok ok...that's enough 'opening of the kimono' for now. However, there is one very important point I want to make. Even more important than what we do or how we do it...is who we do this for. You see, we've found that there is a certain type of client that we can help far better than other kinds. Understanding this has been the key to our success. Let me explain...

Who We Can Help...

You see, we have come to believe that there is a certain DNA, or blueprint, for our ideal client. These are the clients we take to new levels of profitability. They look something like this:

  • They typically are single owner companies.
  • They are direct marketing focused.
  • They are already profitable and are stable.
  • They have really awesome products that work.
  • They are collaborative in nature and like to share information.
  • They understand how advertising works and are willing to spend one dollar to make three.
  • They are fun people with great humor bones.

If you feel that this list describes you...then please keep reading!

Our Results...Not Too Shabby!

You want results? We got'em! After taking over from a high profile agency, we begin the process of quickly assessing this particular clients current state, then moved swiftly to address growth limiting issues on both the campaign and technology side of the house.

The results have been spectacular!

As you can see in the summary below, in just 12 months the client's traffic volume increased 5x, while their cost to acquire a customer (CPA) fell from $42 to $20! More than a 50% reduction in cost! In addition, the clients revenue grew significantly as well, but most impressively their profit for the 12 months increased by over 1350%. Quite impressive.

Things just kept getting better and better throughout the year as well! In fact, we were driving so much profitable traffic to the website we leveraged our patented StrongFunnel (tm) technology to allow nearly unlimited scalability for the client's offer funnels. This is one of the many unique offerings that ArchionMedia brings to the table.

We've Helped Some Really Cool People Already...

We have been fortunate to have been able to help some really cool people along the way. Check out what a few of our noteworthy clients have had to say below!

I could not recommend anyone more than Ken Burge to help you. Ken worked (and continues to work) for me as an independent consultant and has done wonders for my company. Ken is a master at looking at your business as a complete system, taking it apart, and reassembling it so it can be automated and efficient. I give Ken my highest recommendation.

Mike Filsaime Serial Entrepreneur

I have trust in Ken both as a quality person and as a phenomenal cutting edge direct marketer. He delivered our project not only on time, but right on target. He superseded my expectations and was a pleasure to work with.

Ethan WillisCEO Prosper Holdings

Every Minute Spent With Ken Provides Extraordinary Value. He Knows How To Listen Deeply And Give You Exactly What You Need, And He Is An Expert In His Field...So His Recommendations Are Potent, Customized, And Extremely Effective. I Highly Recommend Him.

Leslie Jones Founder, InnerActive Institute

Ken Is An Exceptional Resource.He Is The Consummate Professional, Who Responds Well To Customers And Who Consistently Outperforms Expectations. I Would Be Honored To Recommend Him To Any Company.

Lue Ann Ray Sales Executive, Amazon

Next Steps...

So there you have it...all about us. Next step is to tell us something about you and let's get this ball rollin! Seriously though, you really don't have a lot of time to mess around. I plan to keep ArchionMedia small, nimble, and lean. That means that we only have so many clients we can service before we turn people away (we've done it before). So, if you like what we do and want to have a frank discussion on whether or not you are the right fit for what we do...just drop your information in the form below and we'll call you back ASAP.